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New Flamborough arena on the way
$19-million twin pad to help community meet growing demand for ice time

Paul Morse
The Hamilton Spectator

FLAMBOROUGH - It's taken 10 years, but construction of a new skating and hockey facility in north Flamborough is finally under way.

The $19-million project will see a new North Wentworth twin pad arena built behind the existing rink on Highway 5, just west of Clappison's Corners.

"It's been a long haul and about 10 years of solid work," said Ward 15 Councillor Margaret McCarthy at yesterday's ceremonial groundbreaking.

"There were a lot of hurdles, and this site has had analysis paralysis."

The project was first proposed in 1998 as a small half-rink to bolster available ice in growing Waterdown, but demand grew for a full facility.

Money from the former town of Flamborough was set aside, but the project went into limbo with Hamilton's amalgamation in 2001. The financial pot remained and grew, rounded out by contributions from the province.

But the project kept landing on council's back burners despite strong demand from the community, McCarthy said.

The new facility, to be completed by late 2011, will provide two NHL-sized hockey rinks with combined seating for about 1,000.

There will be six barrier-free dressing rooms per rink, three meeting rooms and about 300 parking spaces. The rink will also use green technologies, including geothermal heating and cooling.

"It offers a whole new turned page for this community and possibly having more women involved in hockey who will not have to go down into Hamilton or into Burlington to play," said Patte Beltrame, a founding member of the arena development committee.

According to city recreation division director Diane LaPointe-Kay, the existing rink is heavily used.

"We identified the need for a new facility due to growth and demand for minor hockey in this area," she said.

"It will also give an opportunity for the local figure skating clubs and general community to access it."





We Won!!!

St. Marys Quarry STOPPED

Flamborough Quarry VICTORY Announcement
Hamilton City Council
April 14, 2010
Click Here for a Video Clip of Councillor Margaret McCarthy Advising Council and the Citizens of Hamilton of the Province's Announcement

(note: video may take a minute to download)

April 13, 2010

Our fight
against the St. Mary's Cement quarry
is finally over

..we won!!!

Province intervenes to prevent quarry development, responds to community concern for groundwater conservation

Today the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) under Section 47 of the Planning Act to freeze the zoning of 154 hectares of land in the former Town of Flamborough. As a result, St. Mary's Cement Inc. is prohibited from using these lands for a proposed major quarry development.

The MZO comes after concerns about the potential impact on groundwater raised by Hamilton City Council, the Halton Regional Council, local Medical officers of Health and countless citizens potentially impacted by the development.

"Today is a watershed day for our community and a fitting tribute to the enormous community-based leadership that articulated the case against the proposed St. Mary's Quarry so very well," said MPP Ted McMeekin."

With the MZO, the zoning on the land shall remain 'Rural and Conservation Management' in perpetuity and ONLY those uses consistent with this designated zoning will be permitted. This ensures the long-term protection of groundwater resources in this sensitive area.

"Our community came together and stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight to stop the quarry," said McMeekin. "In so doing we have not only protected the water resource we hold sacred but also the environmental heritage of this area."

The community-based opposition to the quarry was led by FORCE, Friends of the Rural Community and the Environment.

"This is a joyous day for our communities," said Graham Flint, Chair and Spokesperson for Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE). "We thank Ted for his tireless efforts to champion our cause at the provincial level and applaud the McGuinty government for hearing and responding to the very real concerns of our local municipalities and citizens about this massive open pit mine proposal. Now our drinking water, the air we breathe, the fragile natural features in this area, our way of life and the roads we use to work, live and play will be protected."

"It's clear that at every stage of the fight to protect our community, FORCE has been a force to be reckoned with. FORCE was able to combine sound research with the ability to articulate the justness of their cause in a compelling manner. I am very proud of FORCE, its leader Graham Flint, and our entire community for the responsible way the battle on this critical issue has been waged," added McMeekin.

05/13/10 - Review - St. Marys Cement Launches Appeal

04/13/10 - Copy of the Minister's Zoning Order issued on April 13, 2010, by the Minister  of Municipal Affiars and Housing, Jim Bradley.

04/28/10 - City of Hamilton Council Motion - Unanimously Approved - "Therefore Be It Resolved:  Given that the Province has passed a Ministerial Zoning Order for the subject property, the City of Hamilton will no longer co-ordinate, or participate in, a quarry application evaluation process."

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